History of St. Gabriel

While the groundwork was laid earlier, Saint Gabriel Catholic Church officially began in 1851 when the first trustees of the church were appointed, according to church historians.

Foundation for the first Saint Gabriel was laid in 1851. In October of that year, the first of an estimated 123,000 bricks were laid at the site on the west side of Eastern Avenue where two lots from the railroad tracks north to Eleventh Street were donated by Abraham B. Conwell.

Reverend William Doyle, a resident priest who lived in Richmond from 1848 to 1853 and visited Connersville regularly, is credited with having the first church built.

Anthony Apert, who operated a wagon shop near his home in the 400 block of Eastern Avenue; Valentine Michael, who owned a copper shop on the west side of the canal near the northwest corner of Fifth Street and Grand Avenue; Daniel Cohine, a canal laborer; and George Heinemann, a grocer, whose store was located at the southeast corner of Fifth and Market Streets at the time, were appointed trustees of Saint Gabriel Church in 1851.

A congregation of fourteen families and several single men gathered for services in Apert’s home while the church was being built.

Reverend Henry Peters became the first resident priest of Saint Gabriel, serving until his death in 1874. Father Peters was housed in the Apert home until 1858 when, under his direction, the first rectory was built at the corner of Eleventh and Eastern, where the V.F.W., Veterans of Foreign Wars, Lodge now stands.
St. Gabriel
Saturday Vigil Mass - 5:30 pm
Sunday - 10:30 am

Tuesday - 8:30 am
Wednesday - 6:00 pm
Thursday - 8:30 am
Located in the Church Confessional
Tuesday & Thursday - 7:50am-8:20am
Wednesday - 5:20-5:50pm
Saturday – 9:00am -10:30am
232 West 9th Street Connersville, IN 47331
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