Give to St. Gabriel & St. Bridget

Tithing to the Church is part of every Catholic’s obligation to help support their parish and provide for its needs – and in turn it allows everyone to benefit from a healthy, active, and faithful church. By giving to St. Gabriel and St. Bridget, you not only are maintaining our place of worship, but allowing are parishes to remain a beacon of hope in our community. Thank you for your generosity!

St. Gabriel SGO (Scholarship Granting Organization)

Give joy by donating to the Indiana State Tax Credit Scholarship Program and making a Catholic education possible for deserving students. The SGO awards scholarships to students enrolled in one of our Partner Schools for grades K-12 from Indiana households that meet the income eligibility guidelines. The funds for the scholarships are raised through private donation. You can designate your gift to a specific school, but not a specific student. Individuals or businesses that donate to the SGO receive tax credits equal to fifty-percent (50%) of the amount donated.

How to Contribute…
Donations must be directed to “Institute for Quality Education” in order to receive the tax credit, not to your school or church. Donations may be made via cash, check, credit/debit card, grain, RMD, DAF, stock or mutual funds.

Giving options:
  1. Use the us an online form & mail it with a check made out to Institute for Quality Education
  2. Go to to make an online donation. Contact IQE at (317) 951-8781 with any questions.