Become a Parishioner

Welcome to Saint Gabriel and Saint Bridget Parishes. We are so happy you have decided to make us your home. If you are still looking for a place to worship and have questions about St. Gabriel or St. Bridget, please call or visit our Parishes’ Office. If you have decided to become a member, please fill out the Registration Form linked below. If you are not Catholic but are interested in becoming Catholic, we have a program called RCIA that teaches about the Catholic faith and prepares and forms those participating for full entry into the Church.

Interested in Becoming Catholic?

Inquiry Classes are held throughout the year. Those who are interested in the Catholic Faith may join the inquiry classes at any time. On the last Sunday in November, those inquirers who have grown in faith enter a stage of greater formation as Catechumens and continue in learning to prepare to enter the Catholic Church at Easter. Adults who have been baptized, in or out of the Catholic Church, but have not completed full initiation into the Roman Catholic Church, are also included in this faith journey of deepening their relationship with Christ on the path to becoming Catholic.